Who is Jason Lopez?

     Jason was born and raised in a small home in Hamilton Centre, a son of immigrant parents from Colombia. Not owning a car for most of his life, Jason learned to rely on public transportation to get around this wonderful city. He studied at McMaster University, taking a broad range of courses and majoring in history. In order to pay for school, Jason took up a part-time job in the stock room at East Hamilton Radio. There, he was known for his hard work and dedication to the family business, where he works to this day in a senior management position. As a manager, Jason has supported the adoption of green initiatives such as rooftop solar through the Ontario MicroFit program. Becoming a father of two children motivated Jason to become more active and vocal as an opponent of climate change. Jason wanted to put his years of experience in business to good use, so he decided to dedicate his time to the Green Party, running as a provincial candidate in the 2018 election. He has since then continued his commitment to the party’s growth by taking on the role of CEO for the Hamilton Centre federal electoral district association.

Now Jason takes on his greatest challenge yet: joining Elizabeth May as one of the 338 Green Party candidates for the 2019 federal election. Jason feels that this election will be critical to our future and that the time for Green voices in Parliament is now! Jason believes that his experience has prepared him for the challenges ahead and is honoured that the people of Hamilton Centre have put their faith in him, by choosing him in the city’s first-ever contested nomination.

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