Who is Jason Lopez?

Jason is a lifelong Hamiltonian a husband and a father. He is a Mcmaster University graduate working as a senior manager at East Hamilton Radio.
Jason is tired of seeing so many people and small businesses struggle while corporations earn record profits.  Why allow bottled water companies to take a million litres of our water for under $4, while communities go without? Why allow mining companies to steal our valuable resources, for a royalty rate of 1.4%. Why pay OPG over 3 times more for hydro than what we could buy it from Hydro Quebec. The list goes on and on.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s make the polluters pay and give that money back to the people of Ontario. Let’s cut the bureaucracy from our schools and social services and focus on frontline needs. Lets transition to the new clean energy economy and bring back high paying manufacturing jobs to Ontario. Let’s protect our lakes, forests, and farmland before they are sold off. The established parties will never go for it. A long history of big money donors makes them reluctant to change.  What we need now is People Powered Change.  Greens have been elected in PEI and BC. Now Ontario is poised for a breakthrough election. Green Party Candidates are passionate volunteers from all walks of life. We don’t have big Campaign budgets or high priced ads.  Every vote we receive helps us grow our Party. Your Green Vote is a vote against politics as usual. Let’s do politics differently.


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