Climate Change

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As a dad, not a day goes by when I don’t wonder what kind of planet my children will inherit when they are my age?  Climate change is a serious crisis. It will cost Canada’s economy at least $5 billion by 2020 and up to $43 billion by 2050, according to the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy. We’re already experiencing flooded cities and basements, lost crops and extreme weather events that destroy our homes, infrastructure, and businesses.  The Green Party is proposing action now,  by putting a price on carbon that will reduce emissions while returning all of the revenue directly to the people of Ontario. We will focus our efforts on the three highest polluting sectors: transportation, buildings, and industry. Our plan will modernize Ontario’s energy system, supporting new technology and conservation on a massive scale.  We will provide dedicated funding for local transit, to hire more HSR drivers and to grow the fleet by shifting to electric buses. We will revise the building code so that new builds meet net-zero standards, and we will retrofit government owned buildings to the same standards. The Green Party will apply a climate lens to all planning decisions, environmental assessments, and planning laws.  We will address the environmental impacts of factory farming by phasing out intensive animal husbandry and shifting supports to smaller organic farms. We will protect the places we love by designating provincially significant wetlands and grasslands on an ongoing basis, and require that they are protected in municipal official plans within one year of their designation.  We will completely ban neonicotinoid pesticides, known for killing bee’s and contaminating our groundwater;  and ban logging and other resource extraction in all provincial parks where ecological integrity is threatened. We will identify and permanently protect Ontario’s prime farmland and grow the Greenbelt adding protections for sensitive hydrological areas where urbanization should not occur.  The Green Party will make polluters pay for cleaning up contaminated groundwater by giving the government the power to immediately contain or clean up spills, and pursue remedies through the justice system. We will place an immediate and indefinite ban on fracking to prioritize drinking water, public health, and climate stability.