JOBS   When my father came to Canada almost 50 years ago, he chose Hamilton because of the many opportunities for high paying manufacturing jobs. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for a while now. While unemployment may be low, wages have not increased with the costs of living. We are seeing greater income inequality and more precarious employment. Ontario desperately needs a bold plan to create jobs for the 21st century. We need to replace the 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the last decade alone. Ontario must embrace the clean tech and low carbon economy to create the next generation of high paying middle class jobs – just as so many industrialized countries, states and provinces are already doing. Already in Canada more people work in renewable energy than in the oilsands. In fact, 274,000 Canadians have cleantech jobs with an average salary of $92,000 per year. Cleantech innovation and manufacturing in energy projects, construction and trades are currently worth $3 trillion and is expected to double in the next decade. These technologies are changing the world — and providing hundreds of thousands of skilled and professional jobs. The Green Party will provide incentives to manufacturers that retrain rather than let go of employees and support transition into these new markets. We will offer refunds to students and workers that complete post-secondary certification in sectors where there is underemployment; as well as modernize the apprenticeship application process using the Ontario College Application Service as a single-entry access to the apprenticeship application and registration process. We will  use incentives to support the rapid prototyping of new products that will enhance the competitiveness of Ontario manufacturers and attract new business opportunities; as well as establish provincial government procurement rules to support made in Ontario cleantech products to facilitate commercialization of Ontario innovation